Established in 2009 at Melbourne, Global CAMG Media Group Pty Ltd has become an international media holding group covering Oceania, Asia and along The Belt and Road in less than ten years. The operation of CAMG involves broadcast and television, print media, online publication, public relations and consultancy, commercial performances, brand marketing and other media fields.

Nourishng the mission “Go Global, Chinese Culture”, we spread the news of China today and the prestigious Chinese culture to the world through our broadcasting channels, purchased time sessions, partnership companies, and studios that customer produce special programs. Meanwhile, all these programs have been proudly presented at different levels from traditional broadcasting to the interactive Internet and other platforms in various countries. We serve to bridge different cultures by introducing China to the world and making China known globally.

Branding the well-known multilingual broadcast around the world is the philosophy of CAMG. We have registered 18 local companies that run 45 radio stations in 22 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Mongolia, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, People’s republic of Bangladesh, Islamic republic of Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Jordan, Vanuatu, the Kingdom of Tonga, Samoa and Argentina. Furthermore, we own over 150 frequencies and have reached agreements with 52 local radio stations about purchasing parts of or all of their broadcast licenses. We have established studios and also been competent to product programs in Melbourne (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand), Bangkok (Thailand), Incheon (Korea), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Kathmandu (Nepal), Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Jakarta (Indonesia), Yangon (Myanmar), Kabul (Afghanistan). Up to now, programs extending over 500 hours are being broadcasted daily in areas where more than 100 million people live.

One of the key developing directions of CAMG is television and multimedia platforms. In addition to our own TV channels, we attach great importance to synchronous development of the new media platforms. At present, all the multilingual broadcast channels can been reached online, and the multi-platform interaction between online and offline has been gained through the public pages of the broadcast such as Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, We-chat and other social networking sites.

Branding and integrating the multi-media, multilingual and multi-culture platforms is the international branding strategy CAMG has always been committed to. At the moment, the group members throughout the world are involved in news and media, media operation and management, technical development and support, and other professional spheres. With a high degree of professionalization and decades of experience in media marketing operation and management, CAMG has sufficient confidence to offer high-quality, efficient and effective service in communication and media industry to our business partners. And in the course of cooperation and collaboration, we strive to create more opportunities for development and a better environment for growth.

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