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About CAMG

Global CAMG specializes in the integration of media sources globally, implementing media and cultural projects reaching Oceania, the Asia-Pacific, and South America, with a business scope including radio broadcasting, new media, TV broadcasting, multi-media content, advertising, and print media. Global CAMG also engages in investment and business ventures with our local partners, from equity investment and local start-ups, to bringing in foreign investors and engaging in foreign trade.

Since our establishment in Melbourne, Australia in 2009, Global CAMG Media Group has been committed to building a cross-cultural bridge between nations, encouraging international trade, and building media brands throughout the Asia-Pacific Region via its subsidiaries in New Zealand, Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia, as well as Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Nepal, etc.

We are truly and internationally-focused company. Whether holding events featuring international acts and performers or producing cultural content in one of our many local production studios, Global CAMG is dedicated to bringing cultures and communities together in a globalized world. Our content can be found in over 10 different languages, ranging from English, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, and Mongolian, to Filipino, Sinhalese, Pashto, Nepali, and Spanish, all across multiple platforms and our nearly 100 radio frequencies, amounting to over 2000 hours of programming broadcasted daily.

We deliver high-quality professional programming your business can trust that is custom-made for your specific market. With Global CAMG’s skilled international team of media and advertising professionals using the most advanced and up-to-date hardware and facilities, Global CAMG produces high-quality content for audiences of different countries in line with local listening habits and tastes using local talent.  This localized programming combined with our considerable resources, experience, and passion is what makes CAMG special and its how we are able to build media brands across Asia and the Pacific. 

We are Global CAMG Media Group. Globalize your world!

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